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Nordic Pocket Saw


Nordic Pocket Saw

The original version is a smart, packable and light weight hand powered chainsaw that is easy to pack in your backpack or attach on your belt. It is a perfect companion on your hikes, in the lodge, in your prepping kit, SUV, snowmobile or on your mountain bike. You never know when you will come across a fallen tree or when you need to cut wood for making a bonfire.

Color: Vihreä
Article number: 11002
EAN: 7350004340026

More about Nordic Pocket Saw Original version

The chain is 65 cm long and made of heat treated high carbon steel with 33 bi-directional teeth which ensure maximum performance when in use. The handles are made of tough nylon and are extra large to give you a secure grip even when wet. The chain has been tested in a Swedish laboratory and can withstand a force 20 times stronger than a human can achieve at normal use.

To maximize the lifetime of your Nordic Pocket Saw be sure to always keep the chain clean, lubricate it with chainsaw oil and sharpen it with a 4 mm round file. Nordic Pocket Saw comes in three colors and has a 5 year limited warranty.

Product specification

Article number: 11002
Brand: Nordic Pocket Saw
EAN: 7350004340026

Product measure

Height: 30 mm
Length: 119 mm
Width: 107 mm
Weight: g

Order pack

Height: 110 mm
Length: 130 mm
Width: 47 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 1

Blister pack

Height: 0 mm
Length: 0 mm
Width: 0 mm
Weight: g
Quantity: 12


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