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Leak-proof food box Splash Box from ECOLunchbox


Do you also think it's hard to get your lunch box to stand upright in the backpack or purse all the way to work / school? Are you afraid to discover that the food has been leaked? The answer to all your problems is called Splash Box from ECOLunchbox - a leak-proof lunch box.

The need for a leak-proof food box can sometimes occur, especially when you carry your food. The solution for this is called Splash Box from ECOLunchbox. With the help of this smart lunch box you will not have to be afraid that the content will leak and you also eliminate the use of disposable plastics at lunchtime when you reuse it over and over again.

  • Holds approximately 700 ml, perfect for a portion of food
  • Wash it in the dishwasher
  • Can be used as a pot over a camping stove

Lightweight and durable lunchbox

The steel and silicone combination is lighter than glass and nonbreakable.

To close - the lid for 100% leak-proof performance, use the flat of your hand or your thumb and press to seal the silicone lid. Please don't turn your lid inside out. The tabs are not designed to be flipped inside out and cracks may appear. Lid will still function fine, but cracks aren't the best idea!

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